11 Characteristics of WhatsApp Account Hacked to Be More Vigilant

Users should be aware of the signs of WhatsApp accounts being hacked by malicious people. This can happen to anyone.

It is easy to detect if WhatsApp is hacked. Users just need to monitor the activity on their WhatsApp account.

Also, they need to pay attention to their phone’s performance and activity. WhatsApp activity when hacked can also affect the phone’s functionality.

Here are the signs of a hacked WhatsApp account, based on various sources.

1. Online when not using the app.

A sign of WhatsApp being hacked is that the user’s status shows online or active. But the user is not using the WhatsApp app, so the status should be offline or inactive.

To check this, you can see your WhatsApp status through a relative’s or friend’s WhatsApp account.

If your WhatsApp status is online, even though you are not using the app, then it is likely that your WhatsApp has been hacked.

2. Messages are read when not seen.

Users can also check if their incoming messages have been read or not. If they have been read, even though the user has not seen them, then it is possible that the WhatsApp account is hacked.

3. Messages are sent without the user’s knowledge.

If you find a message that you sent to someone that you did not intend to, it could be a sign that WhatsApp has been hacked.

4. WhatsApp is active on unfamiliar devices.

Another sign of hacked WhatsApp accounts is that the app appears to be active on devices that you don’t recognize. For example, you usually only use WhatsApp on your phone app.

But now, you get a notification that your WhatsApp account is also open on a laptop of type A for example. That means someone else is using your WhatsApp on another device and trying to hack it.

5. WhatsApp account logs out unexpectedly.

Users should know that WhatsApp cannot be used on the same two devices, such as phones and phones. WhatsApp can only be used on two different devices, such as phones and laptops.

If WhatsApp is used on the same two devices, then the account on one of the devices will log out automatically.

The WhatsApp account is hacked in this way, where the original user gets a notification ‘Your WhatsApp account is being registered on a new device’. Users should not give consent if there is a notification asking for access permissions.

6. Receive OTP.

When the WhatsApp account logs out automatically, the user will receive an OTP code. Do not share this OTP code with anyone.

7. WhatsApp malfunctions and slows down.

Another sign of a hacked WhatsApp account is that the app starts to malfunction and run slowly. Even though the user rarely uses WhatsApp. This could indicate that someone else is accessing your WhatsApp account.

They might often log in and out of your WhatsApp account, even though they do not do anything suspicious on the account such as sending messages to others.

8. WhatsApp notifications are frequent.

You can also detect if your WhatsApp is hacked by checking the notifications from your WhatsApp account to your phone.

Usually, when you get a message, a call, or a video message, you will get a notification from WhatsApp that is linked to your phone notification.

If this notification is frequent, even though you seldom use WhatsApp, this could be a sign of being hacked.

9. Battery drains fast.

WhatsApp activities such as sending messages, calls, and video calls will use up the phone battery quickly.

If you don’t think you are using WhatsApp too much, but the app seems busy and the phone battery drains fast, it could mean that someone is hacking your WhatsApp.

10. WhatsApp account is deactivated.

Suddenly your WhatsApp account is inactive and you get a notification ‘Your phone is no longer connected to WhatsApp on this phone’, this could mean that your WhatsApp has been hacked.

Usually, this kind of notification appears because someone who hacks your WhatsApp account sends an email to WhatsApp and claims that your account has been hacked, so WhatsApp deactivates your account.

11. Unfamiliar apps appear.

If you find an app that you never downloaded, it could be a tool for hacking your accounts, such as WhatsApp, email, and others that contain important data.

Usually, the app will record all your phone’s keystrokes and track your phone’s movement when you press the keyboard. If you see this sign of a hacked WhatsApp account, delete the unfamiliar app right away.