5 Signs Your Whatsapp Has Been Hijacked, What Are They?

Whatsapp is a common target for hackers to find their victims. Here are the signs that your Whatsapp has been hacked.

Many people, including ordinary citizens or media staff, have experienced Whatsapp hacking. Last year, 27 Narasi staff members had their Whatsapp and other social media hacked.

Whatsapp is an easy way for hackers to find victims because many people use it. Whatsapp is not only for sending messages, but also for sharing important and sensitive information.

You should know these five signs to check if your Whatsapp account has been hacked or spied on. What are these five things?

1. Receive OTP Code.

One-Time Password (OTP) is an important thing that is often used to access accounts. But if you receive the OTP code via SMS or phone when you are not doing anything, do not share the code with anyone.

Sharing the code can make it easy for hackers to spy on your account. If you get an OTP code and the app logs out by itself, it is possible that someone else is cloning your account.

2. Messages Are Read.

A message that has been read is also a sign that your Whatsapp has been spied on. Especially if you have never seen the message before.

Read messages have two blue ticks in the message section. You can turn on this feature in the settings section.

3. Unknown Messages Sent.

Another sign of Whatsapp being spied on is that a message was sent to someone without your consent.

You should be wary if you don’t remember sending that unknown message. It is likely that someone else hacked your account and sent the message.

4. Online Status When Not Using The App.

Online status usually shows if you are using Whatsapp. On accounts that have been spied on, that status can show even if you’re not using the app.

If that happens, you can deactivate your Whatsapp account to stop the hacker from using Whatsapp on their device.

5. Whatsapp Account Logs Out Unexpectedly.

Whatsapp cannot be used on two phones at once. So, if your Whatsapp account logs out by itself, you should think that your account is being used on another phone.

If the same number is registered on a different device, then you will get an alert on your phone, like this:

“Your phone number is no longer registered on WhatsApp on this phone. This might be because you have registered it on another phone. If you did not do this, verify your phone number to log in to your account again.”

If you see that notification and don’t remember entering the same Whatsapp number into a different device, don’t press OK.