6 Best and Free Weather Apps for Android and iOS

The weather can be unpredictable these days. You can use the best weather apps to prepare for the weather changes.

These apps can forecast the weather accurately. You can also download them for free on your Android and iOS phones.

With a weather app, you can get information about the weather conditions. This can help you when you want to do outdoor activities.

Here are some of the best and free weather apps that you can choose from. These are some of the best weather apps that you can use:

1. Accuweather.

Accuweather is a popular weather app that many phone makers use to show weather widgets. It has many features that make it useful.

It can show you not only the daily weather, but also other information like wind speed, live radar, air quality index, and RealFeel technology that lets you feel the weather better.

2. Awesome Weather YoWindow.

If you want to see the weather around you instantly, you can use Awesome Weather YoWindow.

It can show you the weather in a moving image. If it is raining hard somewhere, the app will show you that. You can also choose different scenes like countryside, airport, or city.

3. Carrot Weather.

Carrot Weather is different from other weather apps because it has an ‘evil AI assistant’. It is evil because it sometimes makes jokes and sarcastic comments that make you laugh.

The app also shows you information like temperature, wind speed and direction, UV index, humidity, etc. in a simple and clear way.

4. Today Weather.

Today Weather is a good choice if you want a simple but informative weather app. It has a minimalist design, but it shows you all the information you need.

You can see weather forecasts, humidity, air quality index, moon cycle, sunrise and sunset times, and more. You can also customize the widget to your liking.

5. Transparent Clock & Weather.

Transparent Clock & Weather is an app by MACHAPP that shows you accurate weather forecasts and other information like temperature, humidity, wind conditions, and more.

The app has more than 50 million downloads. You can also change the look of the app by choosing the background, weather icons, and font types to show the time.

6. 1Weather.

1Weather is a free and great weather app that has a widget that shows you a lot of weather information. You can see it on the home screen of your Android or iPhone.

The app also has some important features like weather forecast for the next 10 days, rain forecast for the next 48 hours, air quality index, and more.

These are some of the best weather apps that you can try. Hope they help!