7 Tips to Save Battery on Android and iPhone during Homecoming

Going back home can take a long time. You need to know how to save your Android and iPhone batteries when you travel.

Cellphones are very important when you travel. You can use them to communicate, entertain yourself, find your way, and more.

But some smartphones have low battery life and run out of power quickly. You may not be able to charge your cellphone battery easily when you travel.

You need some special tips to make your cellphone batteries on Android and iPhone last longer and not waste too much power when you travel.

Tips for Saving Android and iPhone Battery during Homecoming

These are some tips that you can follow to save your Android and iPhone batteries when you travel, from different sources.

1. Use power saving mode.

Power saving mode can help you reduce the functions that use a lot of battery power, as Pcmag says.

When you use this mode, your smartphone will slow down the engine speed to 70 percent and dim the brightness to 10 percent. This is a good way to save battery when you travel.

2. Enable airplane mode.

If you want to sleep and not use your phone for a while, you can turn on airplane mode.

Airplane mode makes your phone offline. The internet connection can use up your battery power.

3. Turn off unused apps.

Apps that run in the background even when you don’t use them can waste your battery. You can close the apps that you don’t need.

You can check regularly to see which apps are running. You can delete or disable the apps that you don’t use.

4. Reduce the brightness of the cellphone screen.

You can save battery by reducing the brightness of your cellphone screen. You can do this in the Settings menu or Settings on an Android phone.

You can also turn off auto-brightness, because this feature can make the screen too bright sometimes.

5. Turn off GPS.

According to the Android Developer page, turning off GPS can save a lot of battery power.

You can turn off GPS by turning off the location feature from the notification menu. You can go to Settings> Security & location> slide the Location button to turn it off.

6. Turn off Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and automatic data.

Wi-Fi, bluetooth, and cellular data can also use up your battery power. Especially if Wi-Fi has no network, it can make your phone work harder to find a network and use more battery power.

You can turn them off by going to Settings> Network & internet> Wi-Fi. At the bottom of WI-Fi preferences, uncheck the Turn on WI-Fi automatically option.

7. Turn off notifications.

Some apps can send you information through notifications so you can see them easily. But this can also waste your battery power.

You can turn off some notifications for apps that you don’t need. You can do this by going to the Settings menu, then to the App Notifications menu.

These are some tips on how to save your Android and iPhone batteries when you travel. Hope they help!