7 Ways to Check WhatsApp may be Hacked

To prevent unwanted spying, smartphone users should learn how to detect if their WhatsApp is hacked.

WhatsApp (WA) messages are encrypted, but that does not make them immune to hacking. Hackers can spy on users’ activities, such as chats, contacts, and shared documents.

Some signs of a hacked WhatsApp account are receiving an OTP code via SMS or phone call, seeing messages as read, getting logged out of the account, sending messages without the user’s knowledge, and being online when not using the app.

How to Check WhatsApp Intercepted

Here are some ways to detect if your WhatsApp is hacked or not, based on various sources.

1. Use WhatsApp Web.

According to India Today, you can check if your WA account is hacked by using WhatsApp Web. Then check all the active sessions to see which devices are connected to your account.

If you see the message “This phone could not be verified,” it means that someone accessed your WhatsApp from an unknown device.

2. Monitor WhatsApp activity.

Another way is to monitor your WhatsApp activity to see if your account is hacked or not.

First look at the message history. Check if there are any messages that you did not send or receive from strangers.

3. Verify contact information.

You can also check if your WhatsApp is hacked by verifying your contact information. If a hacker takes over your account, they will usually change your contact information.

Tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner, select Settings then select Profile at the top of the menu and review your account information. If anything is different, you should secure your WA account as soon as possible.

4. Check messages from WhatsApp.

You can also check if you have received any messages from WhatsApp about changes or access to your account in your phone’s message inbox.

5. Review your friends list on WhatsApp.

As the account owner, you should know the contacts of your old and new friends.

To check if you are being spied on, try reviewing your WhatsApp contacts. See if there are any new, unfamiliar friends on the list.

6. Check recent device sessions.

See the last session or any active session by tapping the three vertical dots icon, select linked devices and then see the last activity.

If you find a device that you don’t recognize, tap it and select log out.

7. Install anti-malware apps.

According to It Geared, someone can spy on you by installing trojans / malware. When malware infects your phone, hackers can steal your data, messages, photos, and control your phone and access your WA messages.

To prevent this, install an anti-malware app to detect and remove malware from your phone. Also, avoid downloading apps from unknown sources.

That’s how to check if your WhatsApp is hacked or not. Hope this helps!