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Ford Mustang GTD Mid-Engine Supercar Concept Leaked Ahead of Debut

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There have been rumors for some time that Ford has been developing a mid-engine Mustang. Recently, leaked images of the upcoming Ford Mustang GTD have emerged before its official debut. The Mustang GTD is a wide-body, mid-engine supercar concept anticipated to be in limited production.

The leaked images reveal a stunning and aggressive GT3-styled design, which several have lauded for its sleek appearance. It is expected that the Mustang GTD will be a strong player in the supercar market, with some speculating that it may even compete with the C8 Corvette.

Although the technical details of the new Mustang GTD haven't been unveiled yet, it is improbable that the car would be based on the S650 platform. Reports indicate that Ford has relocated the car's engine behind the front axle, making it technically mid-engined, but not rear mid-engined.

As per a report from Ford Authority, the mid-engine Mustang will make its debut on August 17 at Pebble Beach as a special edition model. It is yet to be known how many units of the Mustang GTD will be produced and at what price point, but it is certain that this car model would fascinate Mustang fans worldwide.