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Kent State University's Fashion Tech Hackathon: An Exciting Opportunity for Students to Learn and Innovate

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The Fashion Tech Hackathon is an interdisciplinary and free annual event that unites university students from diverse majors, backgrounds, and locations to learn new skills and produce inventive projects. The hackathon is supported by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation Grant and organized by Kent State University's TechStyleLAB, Design Innovation, and LaunchNET.

This event offers the chance for students to connect with fashion industry professionals, exchange ideas, and explore novel concepts. Participants are encouraged to think creatively and innovatively, with concepts often being entirely unique and original. Students may join any of the group projects to acquire knowledge and understanding of the fashion industry.

The hackathon is held online, virtually, or in-person depending on the year. While the 2022 hackathon was held entirely online, the 2023 event will be in-person. During the 36-hour event, participants create a project of their choice, exploring the intersection of fashion and technology. Their project may involve a technology-enhanced garment, a wearable-responsive web application, or a disruption of fashion via retail data innovations. Throughout the weekend, faculty and industry mentors will be available to help students with any issues or questions during the hackathon.

The hackathon provides an excellent opportunity for sponsors and mentors to network and work with potential future employees while also accessing innovative, leading-edge products and software. The event promotes networking, collaboration, and innovation. Student teams can use fashion and technology to solve problems and win exciting prizes.

Exploring the Distinction Between Fashion Designing and Fashion Technology: Unveiling the Artistic and Technological Aspects of the Fashion Industry

Fashion is an ever-changing industry that covers many fields, including fashion design and fashion technology. Although both fields are centered around the fashion world, they differ in their approaches and areas of expertise. Aspiring professionals in the industry must understand the difference between fashion designing and fashion technology.

Fashion design is an art form that involves creating apparel and accessories. It is a field that celebrates creativity and aesthetics. Fashion designers develop and bring their designs to life. They use fabric, color, and style trends to create attractive, one-of-a-kind clothing. Designers often work with fashion houses, brands, or create their own labels.

In contrast, fashion technology blends fashion and technology to develop advanced, functional clothing. The field embraces digital-age advancements. Fashion technologists use CAD software, 3D printing, and virtual reality to design and manufacture clothing. Their focus lies on integrating technology into fashion, including wearable tech and intelligent textiles. Fashion technologists collaborate with fashion tech companies or textile manufacturers or start their own tech-focused fashion brands.

Fashion design and fashion technology both play significant roles in the fashion industry. Whereas fashion design focuses on the artistic and creative aspects, fashion technology adds a technological edge to the field. Both professions necessitate a profound comprehension of textiles, manufacturing methods, and the fashion industry. Individuals looking to pursue these professions can select their trajectory depending on their preferences and abilities.

Exploring the Vast Scope of Fashion Technology

The fashion industry involves not only clothing and accessories but also design, production, marketing, and distribution. Fashion technology is at the core of this industry as it shapes the current trends and styles.
The scope of fashion technology is vast and ever-expanding. Fashion technology involves the design and production of garments, footwear, leather goods, textiles, and jewelry. Fashion technology professionals drive the industry's innovation and creativity by conceptualizing unique designs and bringing them to life through production.

However, Fashion Technology extends beyond the physical aspects of fashion. It also covers the field of Fashion Journalism, which is a powerful tool for sharing information about current trends, events, and designers. Fashion journalists have the duty to publish and produce articles, blogs, and news pieces that keep their audience informed and entertained.

Fashion Journalism is a field that merges the art of writing with a deep interest in fashion. It provides a platform for journalism professionals who possess not only the skillset but also a thorough comprehension of the fashion industry. Fashion Journalism, which boasts of millions of active readers, holds a significant authority to influence trends and steer the industry narrative.


The Fashion Tech Hackathon is an exciting opportunity for university students to acquire new skills, network with fashion industry professionals, and develop innovative projects. This hackathon fosters creativity and innovation while allowing sponsors and mentors to collaborate and network with promising prospective employees. The event promotes networking, collaboration, and innovation. Student teams can use fashion and technology to solve problems and win exciting prizes.