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Kent State University's TechStyleLAB: Exploring the Intersection of Fashion and Technology

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The TechStyleLAB at Kent State University is a digital fabrication lab that investigates the relationship between technology, textiles, and fashion. The lab uses an innovative approach to design and prototyping, expanding the boundaries of what is achievable in the fashion and design realm. Digital textile printing, laser cutting, and embroidery are amongst the digital fabrication tools provided by the lab to produce innovative designs and prototypes.

The TechStyleLAB hosts an annual collaborative event, the Fashion Tech Hackathon, which brings together students, designers, and entrepreneurs to design new products that explore the interaction between technology and fashion. Participating students spend 36 hours working on self-chosen projects that examine the intersection of fashion and technology. The event concludes with an awards ceremony. The School of Fashion's TechStyleLAB is the host and leader of the hackathon.

At TechStyleLAB, students and clients have the opportunity to explore technologies and techniques that are essential to the commercial industry, thereby setting themselves apart in their respective careers. The lab is staffed by professionals who can offer support and guidance throughout the process. Located on the third floor of Rockwell Hall, the lab remains open from Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Kent State University's TechStyleLAB is an ideal place to develop new concepts and design innovative products through the union of fashion and technology. Whether you are a student, designer, or entrepreneur, the TechStyleLAB provides an exclusive chance to discover the intersection of fashion and technology that enables us to explore the limits of possibilities in the fashion and design world.