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LEGO Ideas The Insect Collection: A Bug-Lover's Dream Come True

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LEGO has announced the release of their latest product, The Insect Collection, which is the 50th product supported by the fan-sourced platform. The set is based on the LEGO Insects project created by hachiroku24, which passed review in November 2022. The Insect Collection set includes three highly detailed insects: the Blue Morpho Butterfly, Chinese Mantis, and Hercules Beetle, as well as a small honeybee and a seven-spotted ladybug. Each insect has its own buildable habitat, making it a dream come true for bug enthusiasts.

It is essential to note that the design of the Insect Collection set has drastically changed since it was a project on LEGO Ideas. The ultimate product comprises 1,111 pieces and will have a retail price of $79.99. Insiders and VIPs can purchase the set on September 4th.

Furthermore, The LEGO Group has created a Green Noise Playlist to honor the launch of The Insect Collection. The playlist includes natural sounds from insects, such as buzzing bees and chirping crickets, and you can access it on Spotify and Apple Music.

To conclude, The Insect Collection is an exceptional and thrilling supplement to LEGO's collection of products. It is bound to exhilarate both LEGO enthusiasts and insect enthusiasts equally.