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Rachel Zegler Faces Backlash Over Controversial Comments on Disney's 'Snow White' Remake

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Rachel Zegler, who stars in Disney's upcoming live-action remake of "Snow White," has sparked controversy on social media due to her comments about the original movie. Interview clips from 2022, which recently resurfaced, triggered criticism and backlash from Disney fans and conservatives alike.

In these interviews that resurfaced, Zegler made comments that some regard as "anti-feminist" and "outdated" in relation to the original 1937 film. Her comments have sparked a debate about the representation of women in Disney princess movies and the imperative for more inclusive and progressive narratives.

The controversy surrounding Zegler's comments has attracted considerable interest on social media, especially TikTok, where users have been debating and analyzing the issue. Some followers of the original film are disappointed with Zegler's apparent criticism, while others endorse her appeal for more modern and empowering depictions of female characters.

Zegler's comments, regarding the portrayal of women in the original Snow White movie only contained her opinion and don't necessarily reflect her views on the upcoming remake. The resurfacing of these comments has led to a heated discourse about the casting choice and direction of the new Snow White movie adaptation.

As Disney has not officially responded to the controversy, it is unclear how the backlash will affect the live-action Snow White movie remake, which is set to be released in the near future.

To summarize, Rachel Zegler, the lead actor in Disney's Snow White remake, is receiving criticism and backlash for her opinions on the original film. The controversy sparked a debate about how women are portrayed in Disney princess movies and stressed the need for more progressive storytelling. It is unclear how this controversy will impact the reception of the live-action remake as its release approaches.