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Rick and Morty Season 7 Teaser Trailer Released, Featuring Rick vs. Rick Prime

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The first teaser trailer for the upcoming season of "Rick and Morty" has been released by Adult Swim. The trailer emphasizes Rick, the former titular character, and depicts him being driven to madness while he hunts down evil versions of himself. The teaser also reveals that the new season will be released in the fall.

The slightly over one-minute-long trailer features a music video named "Rick vs. Rick Prime". The video portrays Rick C-137 engaged in a fight against Rick Prime, who is a version of himself from another dimension. The two versions of Rick are depicted fighting in different places, such as the desert and the laboratory.

"Rick and Morty" is an animated adult comedy that narrates the escapades of a cynical, alcoholic scientist called Rick and his good-natured but impressionable grandson Morty. The series has gained a following of devoted fans since its launch in 2013 and earned acclaim for its humor, inventiveness, and readiness to explore intricate subjects.

The viewers of the show have been eagerly waiting for the premiere of season 7, and the recent preview has only heightened their anticipation. The trailer promises to deliver the same popular blend of irreverent humor and mind-bending sci-fi concepts that have made "Rick and Morty" a favorite among fans.

Now that the teaser trailer has been released, fans can anticipate that the seventh season of "Rick and Morty" will be released in the fall.