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Snapchat AI Glitch Causes Concern Among Users, Company Confirms it was a Temporary Outage

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Snapchat users became alarmed and bewildered when the app's AI feature, called 'My AI', malfunctioned and began posting updates to Stories without user input. The malfunction happened on Tuesday, August 16, 2023, and resulted in the AI not responding to users' messages.

Snapchat users expressed concern about the AI's unexpected behavior, which they found unsettling and even alarming. Several users claimed that the AI posted a live update to its Story and disregarded messages from users. Furthermore, the AI's update was enigmatic, which made the situation more puzzling.

Snapchat confirmed that the incident was a glitch and not a deliberate action by the artificial intelligence (AI). The company informed users that the problem has been resolved, and the AI is now performing as intended.

As per a Snapchat spokesperson, 'The AI experienced a temporary outage, which has now been resolved.' CNN received this statement after requesting clarification from the company. Some users were scared and even deleted the app due to the glitch.

Although the exact cause of the glitch has not been disclosed, Snapchat's timely response in resolving the issue demonstrates their dedication to promptly addressing technical problems. Now, users can confidently use the app's AI feature, knowing that it is stable.

Snapchat's AI glitch is a reminder of the complexities and challenges that may arise while implementing artificial intelligence systems. Despite occasional setbacks, AI technology continues to evolve and enhance user experiences across different platforms.

Well, Snapchat users experienced a temporary glitch with the app's AI feature, "My AI," which caused it to post to Stories without user input and become unresponsive to messages. Snapchat has confirmed that the issue was a temporary outage and has been resolved, assuring users. The incident emphasizes the intricacies of AI technology and the importance of resolving technical glitches promptly.