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Apple Updates Iphone App With 'end Call' Button Moved to Lower Right-hand Corner

News on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Apple has implemented a slight modification to the iPhone's software, potentially causing disruption to users' habitual actions. The prominent red button with the label "End Call" has been relocated from the center of the display to the lower right-hand corner. This change has already been integrated into beta versions of iOS 17, and it is anticipated to be distributed to all iPhone users in the near future.

This movement is a constituent of the constant endeavors by Apple to enhance the user experience of its offerings. The relocation of the "End Call" button aims to facilitate one-handed call disconnection, particularly for users of larger iPhone models.

Apple is introducing a new feature called Live Voicemail in iOS 17 in addition to relocating the "End Call" button. Live Voicemail will transcribe voicemails to text for easy reading and responding.

This change is a small yet significant improvement to the iPhone's user interface, though users may need some time to adapt. Users may require some time to adjust to this change, as is expected with any change, but it is projected to enhance user-friendliness of the iPhone.