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Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor Mark Margolis dies at 81

News about Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul actor Mark Margolis dies is a trending topic on United States Friday, August 5, 2023.

It has been reported that Mark Margolis, an actor recognised for his appearances in the popular TV series 'Breaking Bad' and 'Better Call Saul', has died at the age of 81. As per reports, Margolis passed away on Friday, 4th August 2023, at his Philadelphia residence.

Throughout his career, Margolis was a seasoned character actor, having contributed to the entertainment industry through more than one hundred films and TV shows. David Margolis was best recognised for his depiction of Hector Salamanca, the drug kingpin and primary antagonist to the character Walter White played by Bryan Cranston, in the television series "Breaking Bad." He revisited the same role in the spin-off show "Better Call Saul," that centred on the early career of the criminal attorney Saul Goodman.

David Margolis was born in Philadelphia in the year 1940. He started his acting profession in the 1970s. He made several appearances in movies made during that decade, notable ones including "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "Scarface." David Margolis also had a repeating role in the TV show "Oz" during the latter half of the 1990s.

Aside from his work on "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul," Margolis also made appearances in several popular TV shows such as "Law & Order," "The Sopranos," and "Boardwalk Empire." Furthermore, he had a minor role in the 2013 film "American Hustle."

His role in "Breaking Bad" in 2012 earned Margolis a nomination for an Emmy Award. Margolis received extensive acclaim for his portrayal of Hector Salamanca, who was predominantly non-verbal as a result of a disability.

Margolis is survived by his wife Jacqueline, his daughter Mika and his son Morgan. Margolis' passing has prompted an outpouring of sorrow from fans and colleagues, who lauded his talent and commitment to the craft.