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GTA Online Weekly Update: Podium Car, Discounts, Activities, and Bonuses - Everything You Need to Know

News about weekly update gta online is a trending topic on United States Friday, August 11, 2023.

The most recent weekly update for GTA Online has been released, providing new gameplay features, rewards, and opportunities for players to engage with. Below is a comprehensive summary of this week's update:

The Podium Car

Every week, a different vehicle is presented on the Diamond Casino podium, providing players with an opportunity to win it. Refer to the GTA Online Podium Car section to learn which car is available for players to win this time.


The weekly update includes significant discounts on various items, enabling players to buy their desired items at a reduced price. Diversify your property holdings with reduced-price buildings and make the most of the limited-time opportunities.


There are various activities to participate in within GTA Online, with new updates each week. Players can engage in new and exciting activities added to GTA Online every week. These activities include showing off your skills at the LS Car Meet to win a new vehicle and participating in missions and races. Players will always have something new to experience.


Take advantage of reward bonuses available during the weekly update. Earn additional GTA$ and RP by completing specific missions, races, and events. Maximize your progress and earnings by utilizing these bonuses.

The GTA Online weekly update is typically released between 9-11 AM BST every Thursday. Please bookmark this page and check back weekly for the latest update news.

We will keep you updated with more exciting updates and content in GTA Online. We hope you enjoy the new weekly update and take advantage of the discounts, activities, and bonuses that are available to you. We wish you a pleasant gaming experience!