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Hawaii Wildfires Fueled by Hurricane Dora Winds Prompt Evacuations

News on Wednesday, August 9, 2023.

Wildfires are spreading in some areas of Hawaii, resulting in damage to buildings and leading to evacuations and road closures. The fires are being fueled by the winds of Hurricane Dora, which is passing close to the islands. The following is what we know so far:

Current Updates:

  • Wildfires are burning in certain areas of Hawaii, including Maui and the Big Island.
  • The fires caused damage to buildings and led to evacuations and road closures.
  • As the fierce wildfires spread across parts of Maui, it was reported that residents of a Hawaiian town had to jump into the sea to escape the flames.
  • Hurricane Dora's winds, which are passing near the islands, are fueling the fires.


  • Widespread power outages have been caused by the fires.
  • Evacuations are currently taking place on Hawaii's Big Island and Maui.
  • Due to the fires, schools have been closed.

In response to the situation

Firefighters are attempting to contain the fires, however, strong winds are hindering their efforts.

Shelters for evacuees have been opened by The Red Cross.

The National Guard has been mobilized to aid in the response.

The situation in Hawaii is still developing; we will keep this article updated as more details are made available.