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Justin Trudeau and Son Attend Barbie Movie Screening, Triggering Backlash

News about Justin Trudeau at Barbie movie screening is a trending topic on United States Tuesday, August 8, 2023.

The Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, attended a screening of the Barbie movie with his son Xavier over the weekend and posted a photo of the outing on social media. In the picture, Trudeau and his son can be seen wearing pink shirts, and he declared himself as the supporter of the team Barbie in the accompanying tweet.

However, some individuals on social media have disagreed about the post. While some appreciate Trudeau's support for gender equality, others feel that communicating his support in such a way can reinforce gender stereotypes. However, some critics have accused the prime minister of attending a movie stereotypically perceived as being for females and have questioned his judgment.

Trudeau's support for gender equality and feminism has attracted criticism. Some have used derogatory and mocking terms, such as "beta male" or "soy boy" to describe him. He has remained firm in his beliefs and is still promoting gender equality and inclusivity.

The Barbie film, released earlier this year, was lauded for its positive messages on friendship, self-acceptance, and shattering gender stereotypes.