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New Book Reveals Details of Phil Mickelson's Gambling Habits

News about New book details Phil Mickelson's gambling relationship is a trending topic on United States Thursday, August 10, 2023.

Title: Details of Phil Mickelson's gambling habits revealed in new book

Professional golfer Phil Mickelson's gambling relationships are detailed in a newly released book. The book entitled 'The 12th Man: A narrative of Phil Mickelson and his gambling buddies' by journalist Cal Fussman provides an in-depth account of Mickelson's gambling habits.

The book reports that Mickelson has been engaged in high-stakes gambling for numerous years, frequently wagering vast sums of money on sports and casino games. Additionally, the book claims that Mickelson has been closely associated with multiple known gamblers and has involved himself in illegal gambling pursuits.

The book presents one of its most startling revelations, claiming that Mickelson achieved a $1.9 million win during a single day of gambling at a Las Vegas casino. The book reports that Mickelson won the large amount of money in just a few hours while playing blackjack at the casino.

Furthermore, the book provides an account of Mickelson's association with Billy Walters, who is now serving a five-year prison sentence for insider trading. As per the book, Walters and Mickelson were very close friends, frequently gambling together. Walters is accused of providing insider information to Mickelson to help him win bets.

Mickelson has not yet responded to the allegations raised in the book. However, he had previously confessed to having a gambling problem and proclaimed to have taken measures to resolve the issue.

The golfing community is bound to be filled with controversy and debate upon the publication of this book. Mickelson is one of the greatest and most renowned golfers of all time, and allegations of improper or unethical behavior will undoubtedly demand appropriate considerations.

In general, "The 12th Man" offers an intriguing insight into the realm of high-stakes gambling and its participants. Regardless of the accuracy of the claims made in the book, it is evident that Mickelson's betting patterns have played a significant role in his life for a considerable period.