Beware of Hidden Cameras in Inns, See How to Check

A group of girls found a hidden camera in an outlet in the bathroom of the house they rented through Airbnb. The incident became viral on social media after they discovered the camera during a birthday celebration for one of them.

At first, this group of girls did not believe their friend who was paranoid about the cameras in the house. But, to make sure, they decided to look for hidden cameras.

They were shocked to find a hidden camera that was facing the shower in the bathroom. The shower that they all used when they stayed at the house.

Airbnb is an online service that offers house or apartment rentals around the world. Airbnb says it has prohibited the use or presence of hidden cameras. Airbnb is now investigating the allegations.

According to View From The Wing, this hidden camera incident makes travelers more careful when staying overnight at an accommodation. Because, obviously, the hidden camera in the bathroom was installed for a suspicious purpose.

Not only that, video footage from hidden cameras in hotel rooms or accommodation bathrooms violates personal boundaries and can be abused. That is very scary.

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Some inns may have hidden cameras in devices like radios, clocks, smoke detectors, or air vents. How can you protect your privacy when you stay in such places? Here are some tips:

  • - Look for devices near the bed or the shower, where someone may want to record you.
  • - Shine a light on the devices and see if they have tiny holes or lenses, which may indicate a hidden camera.
  • - Look for infrared sensors on the devices, especially in the bedroom. You can also use a radio frequency detector to scan for signals from the devices.
  • - Check the walls or furniture for small holes or cracks, where a camera may be inserted. Also, look for objects that are oddly placed or have fresh paint on them.
  • - Listen for static noise from the phone, which may mean there are radio signals nearby.

Hidden cameras have been a problem for some Airbnb hosts and guests. A woman also sued Hilton Hotel for $100 million after an employee filmed her in the bathroom and blackmailed her. There are even websites where people pay to watch hotel guests being spied on in their rooms.