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Burj Khalifa Illuminated in Colors of Indian Flag on Independence Day

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On August 15, 2023, to celebrate India's 77th Independence Day, the Burj Khalifa, the world-renowned skyscraper located in Dubai, was illuminated in the colors of the Indian flag. At 7:50 PM local time, the Indian Consulate General in Dubai announced that the Burj Khalifa would display the Indian flag. Indian media outlets widely covered the event, which was also shared on social media platforms.

As the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa is famous for its spectacular light shows. On Independence Day, the building displayed the Indian flag's colors, including saffron, white, and green with a navy blue Ashoka Chakra in the center. The display was visible from miles away, and it made Indian nationals living in Dubai and around the world proud.

The display of the Indian flag on the Burj Khalifa was widely shared on social media platforms, with many people expressing their joy and pride about it. The event was also covered by international media outlets, including Hindustan Times, India Times, and Times Now News.

Displaying the Indian flag on the Burj Khalifa stands as proof of the strong partnership between India and the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is home to a sizable Indian expatriate community, and the two nations have significant economic and cultural connections. Raising the Indian flag on the Burj Khalifa signifies the intimate bond between India and the UAE, and the admiration that the UAE has for India and its citizens.

In conclusion, the illumination of the Indian flag on the Burj Khalifa on Independence Day was a point of pride for Indians worldwide. The event received extensive coverage by Indian and international media outlets, and was widely shared on social media platforms. The display is evidence of the robust relationship between India and the UAE and signifies the respect the UAE has for India and its people.