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Fairport Harbor Lighthouse: A Historical Landmark Turned Summer Home

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The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse, located in Ohio and overlooking Lake Erie, has a long and interesting history that dates back to 1825. Currently, it is referred to as "The light that shone for a hundred years". These are the latest news and facts about the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse:

Abandoned Lighthouse Turned into a Summer Home: Sheila Consaul, a 65-year-old woman, purchased the abandoned lighthouse for $71,000 and converted it into a summer residence. From May to October, she resides in the lighthouse.

Rich in history and featuring a "Ghost Cat": The Fairport Harbor Marine Museum and Lighthouse abounds with rich history and is rumored to be haunted by a "Ghost Cat".

Where to find it: The Fairport Harbor Lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Grand River.

Design The Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light, which was built in 1925, replaced the Grand River (Fairport Harbor) Light. The Grand River Light still stands and is currently a marine museum. The lighthouse has a concrete pierhead foundation and a steel tower.

Although the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse no longer serves its original purpose, it still stands as a historic landmark and a distinctive summer home for those who enjoy its rich history and beautiful Lake Erie views.