Get ready for shivers, Japan's 'Snow Wall' trail reopens

Travelers can now enjoy the snow corridor in Japan’s Mount Tateyama region, which reopened on April 15.

The snow corridor, also known as Yuki no Otani or Great Valley of Snow, is a 500-meter-long trail that goes through a 20-meter-high wall of snow. It is part of the Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route, a 90-kilometer-long tourist route that connects Toyama and Nagano prefectures north of Tokyo. The route is also called the ‘Snow Wall’ or the ‘roof of Japan’ because of its high altitude.

The snow corridor offers amazing views of Mount Tateyama, one of Japan’s three sacred mountains. It is 3,105 meters high.

The route also has other attractions, such as the highest hot springs and waterfalls in Japan. Travelers can also see the Kamakura Snow, which are Japanese igloos and snow tunnels, at Daikanbo Station.

The snow corridor takes about 20 minutes to walk. It will be open until June 25.

The snow corridor is made by snowplow drivers who clear the snow from the Tateyama Expressway for months.

The opening of the Yuki no Otani Line means that the whole Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route is open again after winter.

However, the Snow Wall and other attractions may be closed sometimes because of bad weather. Travelers should check website before they go.

If you want to avoid crowds, you should go in June. The snow wall will be smaller then, but it will still be about 10 meters high.