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Sean Tuohy Responds to Michael Oher's Allegations: 'It's Upsetting'

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Sean Tuohy, the adoptive father of former NFL offensive lineman Michael Oher, recently addressed the allegations made against him in a legal petition by Oher. Oher, who inspired the movie "The Blind Side," claimed that his adoption was fraudulent and solely aimed at benefiting the Tuohy family financially.

Tuohy expressed his disappointment about the allegations and described them as "upsetting". Tuohy became aware of Oher's claims when a friend forwarded him an article on the matter. Steve Farese, the Tuohy family's attorney, announced that they plan to file a legal response concerning the allegations within weeks.

Oher attempted to terminate the conservatorship that was allegedly signed under false pretenses when he turned 18. Oher asserted that he was deceived into signing the conservatorship, giving the Tuohy family power over his personal and financial matters.

The accusations made by Oher have caused significant distress to the Tuohy family. The Tuohys have strongly rebuffed the allegations of falsifying the adoption for financial benefits. Tuohy and his wife, Leigh Anne Tuohy, were accused of financially benefiting from Oher's story.

The formal response of Tuohy family to Oher's allegations is yet to be determined as the legal proceedings progress. This case has received considerable interest because of Oher's story's prominence and the "The Blind Side" movie's impact.

To conclude, Sean Tuohy responded to Michael Oher's allegations by expressing disappointment and describing them as 'upsetting'. The legal response on behalf of the Tuohy family will be filed in the next few weeks, as per their attorney's statement. The Tuohy family is devastated by the allegations made by Oher, which they vehemently deny regarding faking the adoption for financial gain. The case is still unfolding and attracting attention due to the prominence of Oher's story and the impact of the movie 'The Blind Side.'