Dodger Stadium Section 43: A Guide to Seating, Amenities, and More

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Dodger Stadium is a renowned ballpark worldwide, and Section 43 offers a fantastic experience to watch a game. This article provides you all the necessary information about Section 43 at Dodger Stadium, including seating arrangements, amenities, and more.


Section 43 is located along the third base line and offers great views of the field. Seats in this section are tagged with several amenities, including:

  • Can be in the shade during a day game
  • Has extra legroom
  • Is on the aisle
  • Is under an overhang

Rows in Section 43 are designated 3-6, A-X. Rows 1-6 are included in the Baseline Club, which provides some of the most spacious and cozy seats at the stadium. Rows T and higher are covered, offering shade for day games.


Ticketholders in the Baseline Club will have exclusive access to the Baseline Club Lounge, which offers some of the best amenities in the stadium. These include:

  • Full-service bar
  • Complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Private restrooms
  • In-seat wait service

Related Seating

If you're interested in exploring alternative seating arrangements at Dodger Stadium, you might want to check out the Field Level area. Rows S and higher are covered, which can offer a respite from the sun during daytime games. Furthermore, the Baseline Club is situated in the initial six rows of sections 26 through 43 as well as the initial three rows of sections 44 and 45.


Section 43 at Dodger Stadium provides excellent views of the field and a range of amenities. If you prefer premium seating, the Baseline Club is a great option, featuring some of the most comfortable and spacious seats available in the stadium.