Duran Duran's Andy Taylor Receives End-of-Life Care After Cancer Diagnosis

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Duran Duran's ex-guitarist, Andy Taylor, is presently undergoing end-of-life care following his diagnosis of stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer in 2018. The 62-year-old musician shared his diagnosis last November. Taylor was a band member of Duran Duran in the mid-'80s and enjoyed immense fame with the band. He left the group in 1985 under bitter circumstances.

Taylor is undergoing avant-garde cancer treatment, which he states has kept him symptomatic-free. He asserts that the treatment could increase his lifespan by five years. Taylor's diagnosis of cancer obstructed his attendance at the 2022 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony with Duran Duran in Los Angeles.

In a letter he penned to mark the event, Taylor conveyed his admiration and endearment for everything he wrote, recorded, and accomplished with Duran Duran. He thanked the band's producers, Colin Thurston, Alex Sadkin, Bernard Edwards, and Nile Rodgers, and praised the collaboration with Mark Ronson. Taylor departed from Duran Duran under negative circumstances but emphasized that there is no animosity between him and the band.

Taylor's spouse, Tracey Wilson, is a hairdresser who formerly worked with Duran Duran. Taylor, along with another person with a similar name, John Taylor, enlisted Robert Palmer and Tony Thompson for their successful but short auxiliary project, the Power Station. Later on, Taylor launched a wine bar named Rio in Whitely Bay.

In August of 2023, Taylor updated on his health, stating that he underwent a groundbreaking cancer treatment and does not display any symptoms. Although he is receiving palliative care, he maintains that he is asymptomatic. Taylor's cancer diagnosis has been challenging, but he maintains an optimistic outlook and gratitude for the support he has received.

Andy Taylor's Cancer Battle and Duran Duran Reunion

Former Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor battled cancer for five years. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Taylor shared that he anticipated the band's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on November 5, 2022. However, his condition deteriorated, and he was unable to attend. Taylor believes that not attending the induction may have saved his life.

Taylor was one of the co-founders of Duran Duran in 1980 and contributed to writing many of their most successful songs, such as "Rio" and "Hungry Like the Wolf". After old tensions resurfaced during the creation of their shelved album Reportage, he departed from the band in 2006. Recently, Taylor reunited with Duran Duran to work on their upcoming covers album, Danse Macabre.

In addition to his work as a member of Duran Duran, Taylor has penned songs for other musicians. He co-wrote several tracks from the band's 1981 debut, including "Girls on Film", "Planet Earth," and "Friends of Mine", as well as hits such as "Hungry Like a Wolf", "Save a Prayer", "New Moon on Monday", "The Reflex", "Wild Boys", and their 1985 James Bond theme song "A View to a Kill".

Although he has faced health challenges, Taylor now has a renewed outlook on life and is set to release his first solo album in 33 years. He has also expressed an interest in touring with Duran Duran once again.