Introducing Threads: A New Instagram App for Text-Based Conversations

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Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, has introduced Threads - a new application aimed at text-based conversations. The app has the potential to challenge Twitter and acts as a dedicated platform for real-time updates and public discussions, providing a fresh way to communicate through text.

Features of Threads

Threads enables users to access their Instagram followers and connect directly with their preferred creators. Users can follow and engage with like-minded individuals, or amass a devoted following of their own to express their ideas, viewpoints, and ingenuity to a global audience. Some of the features of Threads include:

  • Access to Instagram followers
  • Direct connection with favorite creators
  • Real-time updates
  • Public conversations
  • Custom alt text for photos and videos
  • Mention button to easily mention people in a thread
  • Ability to share a thread to Instagram DMs

Privacy Policy and Community Guidelines

Threads has a supplementary privacy policy. Users should read and comprehend the policy before utilizing the app. Additionally, Instagram has community guidelines that apply to Threads. Users are required to adhere to these guidelines to create a secure and respectful platform for all users.

Launch of Web Version

Meta Platforms plans to launch a web version of Threads early this week. This is a major new feature on its competitor to Elon Musk's X. The web version's rollout improves accessibility to Threads for users who prefer working with the app on their desktop or laptop.

Threads Finally Adds Search Feature, But Is It Enough to Compete with X?

Meta's Threads app, a competitor of X (formerly known as Twitter), has recently introduced a basic search function approximately two months after its initial release. However, the search feature only allows for finding profiles and lacks search options by topic or keywords. Although the addition of a search function is a step forward, Threads' functionality still needs improvement by incorporating features such as post editing and topic-based search to truly contend with X.

Threads is a text-based social network launched by Meta, the parent company of Facebook, in July 2023. The app has drawn criticism for its limited capabilities, including the absence of direct messaging, the inability to edit alt text, or use hashtags. Previously, users couldn't access Threads on desktop, however, Meta has been gradually introducing new features to enhance the application's usability, such as a "following" feed and a Reposts tab.

However, Threads has faced challenges in attracting users, as recent data indicates that the web launch had minimal impact on increasing users. These adoption issues highlight X's enduring influence on the text-based social networking landscape. Despite X's occasional mistakes under Elon Musk, the app remains a platform where news is broken and trends are identified with ease. This aspect of the app is harder to come by on rival platforms like Threads that lack key features such as search, hashtags, and trends.

Threads recently announced that it's testing search functionalities in Australia and New Zealand, another sought-after feature that would make the app more convenient compared to X. The attribute is forecast to launch in other countries shortly.


Threads is a new application that provides an alternative method for text sharing. It focuses on text-based discussions and has the potential to compete with Twitter. The app permits users to access their Instagram followers and directly connect with favored creators. Users can track individuals with shared hobbies and interests, or construct a dependable following to express their creativity, thoughts, and viewpoints to a worldwide audience. The launch of the web version will enhance accessibility for users who favor utilizing the Threads app on their desktop or laptop.

In conclusion, the inclusion of a search function is a beneficial move for Threads. However, to sufficiently compete with X, it must enhance its performance by offering more features. The app has had difficulty gaining popularity among users, and the web launch did not contribute much to attracting a greater user base. The keyword search feature is presently undergoing testing in Australia and New Zealand, with an anticipated launch in other countries in the near future. Whether this feature will entice users to return to Threads or attract new ones remains to be determined.