Taylor Hanson: Musician, Family Man, and Human Rights Advocate

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Taylor Hanson is a musician, family man, and human rights advocate who has established a reputation for himself both through his musical performances and his community involvement. Here are some notable details to be aware of concerning Taylor Hanson:

Early Life and Music Career

Taylor Hanson was born in a suburban area of Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1983. He was the second child out of seven born to Clarke Walker Hanson and Diana Frances Hanson.

He has partial Danish ancestry.

Taylor, along with his older brother, Isaac, and younger brother, Zac, formed the band Hanson in 1992. Initially, they were known as The Hanson Brothers but later changed their name to just 'Hanson'.

At the time of formation, Isaac was eleven, Taylor was nine, and Zac was six years old.

They gained their musical experience by performing as an a cappella group outside clubs located in Tulsa.

On May 6, 1997, the band released its debut major studio album, Middle of Nowhere, under Mercury Records.

Personal Life and Family

On June 8, 2002, Taylor Hanson married Natalie Anne Bryant, whom he had met in 2000.

They have seven children: four sons born in 2002, 2006, 2008, and 2018, and three daughters born in 2005, 2012, and 2020.

Taylor and Natalie are parents to their children Ezra, Penelope, River, Viggo, Wilhelmina, Indiana, and Maybellene.

Taylor's daughters Penelope, Wilhelmina, and Maybellene joined him and 16,000 other individuals in singing a song in support of women in Iran.

Human Rights Advocacy

Taylor co-founded For Women Life Freedom, an organization that advocates for women's rights in the Middle East.

He is using music to raise awareness about the ongoing civil unrest in Iran.

Taylor referred to the song he helped create as "a musical expression" of "a call to action for human rights - a plea for help from a people, relevant to all individuals".

Taylor Hanson is a talented musician, devoted family man, and passionate human rights advocate. His dedication to his family and his work to promote human rights are an inspiration to many.