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Taylor Swift and John Mayer's Brief Relationship: A Timeline

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Taylor Swift and John Mayer briefly dated from 2009 to 2010, sparking public interest in their relationship. The following timeline is a compilation of information from different sources.

The Beginning

March 2009: Mayer publicly states his interest in collaborating with Swift on Twitter.

May 2009: Swift and Mayer collaborate on the release of "Half of My Heart." December 2009:

December 2009: Swift and Mayer perform "Half of My Heart" together at Z100's Jingle Ball, confirming their relationship.

The Middle

February 2010: Reports indicate a split between Swift and Mayer.

Mid-2010: The rumored relationship between Swift and Mayer comes to an end.

The Aftermath

October 2010: Swift released "Dear John," a song that many believe is about Mayer.

In 2012, Mayer expressed his discontent with the song in an interview with Rolling Stone.

July 2023: Swift has re-released her album "Speak Now," which features the song "Dear John."

Despite the short duration of their relationship, Swift and Mayer's romance still sparks conversations years later. Although both have since moved on, their brief time together remains a noteworthy moment in their individual careers.

Taylor Swift's Songs About John Mayer: A Look Back at Their Relationship

Taylor Swift is renowned for composing songs about her relationships, and her short-lived romance with John Mayer during 2009-2010 is no different. Let's revisit their alliance and the pieces that Swift has purportedly penned about Mayer.

Relationship Timeline

March 2009: John Mayer expresses interest in collaborating with Taylor Swift via Twitter.

May to December 2009: Swift and Mayer collaborate on "Half of My Heart," which they perform together at Z100's Jingle Ball in December 2009. 2010:
The rumored romantic relationship between Swift and Mayer ends.

October 2010: Swift releases "Dear John," a scathing breakup anthem that chronicles her tumultuous relationship with musician John Mayer. Fans have noted the track's soft guitar sound, which bears similarities to Mayer's own music.

In 2023, Swift re-releases Speak Now (Taylor's Version), featuring "Dear John" and a new song rumored to be about Mayer, titled "Midnights."

Songs About John Mayer

  • "Dear John": Perhaps one of Swift's most notable songs about Mayer, "Dear John" features scathing lyrics about their 13-year age gap and the pain she experienced following their 2010 split.
  • "Midnights": One of Swift's most scathing songs about Mayer is featured on her 10th studio album, Midnights. In the song, she sings, "And I never would have danced with the devil at 19. But the truth is that the pain felt like heaven. Now that I'm older, I'm scared of ghosts."
  • "Half of My Heart": Although the song is a collaboration between the two artists, it is rumored to be about their brief romance without any explicit reference to Mayer.

In interviews, Mayer has expressed discomfort with being the subject of Swift's songs. In 2012, he stated to Rolling Stone that he was "humiliated" by the lyrics of "Dear John," calling it a "really lousy thing for her to do." Despite Mayer's objections, Swift has continued to write songs about her relationships. However, many fans continue to dissect the lyrics searching for clues about her past romances.


In conclusion, Taylor Swift's romantic involvement with John Mayer was brief but significant, serving as the inspiration for some of her most cutting breakup anthems. As Swift continues to re-release her catalog of past works, her followers will undoubtedly continue to speculate on the inspiration behind her songs.