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Taylor Swift's "Red" Album: A Ranking of Songs and Information on the Taylor's Version CD

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Taylor Swift released her fourth studio album, "Red," in 2012, marking a turning point in her career as she transitioned from country to pop music. The album includes 16 tracks, with an additional six bonus songs featured on the deluxe version. In 2021, Swift released "Taylor's Version" of the album, which features a total of 30 songs, including nine vault tracks. This article offers a ranking of all the songs on the original "Red" album, along with pertinent details regarding the "Taylor's Version" CD.

Ranking of Songs on "Red"

In anticipation of the re-release of "Red," a group of TIME's Taylor Swift fans ranked the album's original 16 songs by submitting individual rankings. The rankings were subsequently averaged to determine overall rankings. Here is the ranking of the songs on "Red" according to TIME:

  1. "All Too Well"
  2. "State of Grace"
  3. "Red"
  4. "I Almost Do"
  5. "Treacherous"
  6. "The Last Time"
  7. "Holy Ground"
  8. "Sad Beautiful Tragic"
  9. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"
  10. "22"
  11. "Starlight"
  12. "Everything Has Changed"
  13. "The Lucky One"
  14. "Begin Again"
  15. "Stay Stay Stay"
  16. "Girl At Home"

Taylor Swift Re-releases "Red" Album

Taylor Swift recently released a new version of her 2012 album "Red" titled "Taylor's Version". This release has brought attention to the ongoing controversy surrounding music copyright and ownership in the music industry. In this article, we analyze information from three sources: the Taylor Swift Wiki, Penn Today, and CNN Business, to comprehend the motives for the re-release and the ramifications of music copyright and ownership.

Why Did Taylor Swift Re-Record "Red"?

According to CNN Business, Taylor Swift has re-recorded her hits in an effort to regain control over her masters. When a recording artist signs with a label, the standard legal agreement grants the record company ownership of the copyrights of the recordings, commonly referred to as a "master." While an artist like Swift typically receives a portion of revenue generated by the recording, they typically do not maintain control over the recording itself. Since Swift did not own her masters originally, she has opted to re-record her songs. By re-recording her hits, Swift will need to start anew on songs familiar to her fans. However, this approach will enhance the number of her streams and sales, and provide her with greater creative control over her work, specifically the new "Taylor's Version" of her hits.

What is the Importance of Music Copyright and Ownership?

Music copyright and ownership are crucial matters in the music industry. In an interview with Penn Today, Cynthia Dahl, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania Carey School of Law and the director of the Detkin Intellectual Property and Technology Legal Clinic, explained that music copyright is a complex topic. This is only the beginning, and one of the peculiarities of music copyright. She stated that Swift is utilizing her influence to draw attention and concentration to this issue. The ownership of her work runs profoundly personal to Swift. When she initially recorded "Red," it was carried out under diversified contractual and legal arrangements.

Information on "Taylor's Version" CD

The "Taylor's Version" CD of "Red" contains 30 songs, which consist of nine songs from the vault. It additionally features an exclusive album booklet with previously unreleased photos, artwork, and lyrics for the nine songs from the vault. The CD is available for purchase on Taylor Swift's official website for $14.99. Please note that safety measures may cause delays in delivery.


In conclusion, "Red" signifies Taylor Swift's move from country to pop music and is considered a critical album in her career. The standard version of the album presents 16 tracks, while the deluxe version has six additional songs. Recently, in 2021, Taylor Swift launched "Taylor's Version" of the album, containing a total of 30 songs. It includes nine songs from the vault, which were not published initially. TIME has rated the album, and "All Too Well" takes the top place. To purchase Taylor's Version CD, visit Taylor Swift's official website.

Taylor Swift's re-release of "Red" has drawn attention to the complex issue of music copyright and ownership. Through the strategic re-recording of her hits, Swift has reclaimed control over her masters. This business-savvy move has boosted her streams and sales. Consequently, she has accomplished control over her music in a significant way. It is critical for artists to understand their rights and ownership over their work and Swift's initiative emphasizes the significance of this aspect of the music industry.