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Former Harlem Wizards Player TJ Stukes Competes in "Squid Game: The Challenge"

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Who is TJ Stukes? He is a former professional basketball player recognized for his time with the Harlem Wizards, is currently a participant on "Squid Game: The Challenge", a reality contest airing on Netflix. Stukes, known as "Tomahawk" during his time with the Harlem Wizards, is one of 456 competitors competing for a $4.56 million reward. The show was influenced by the renowned South Korean series "Squid Game," but does not incorporate its deadly components.

Basketball Career and Personal Life

Stukes, a former basketball player from the Bronx, New York, established himself as a prominent coach after a fruitful athletic career. Prior to joining the Northern New Mexico College as an assistant basketball coach, Stukes first played basketball for the Independence Community College and Pittsburg State University.

In 2009, Stukes played for the Harlem Wizards, showing off his impressive entertainment skills through trick shots and alley-oop dunks. As of March, Stukes has retired from professional basketball and is now dedicated to mentoring young basketball talents. He met Samantha, his wife, during his time as a college athlete, and the couple currently coaches together at the same institution. Additionally, they operate a gym located in Northeast El Paso, Texas, where they provide training for adult and at-risk youth athletes within the community.

Television Appearances

Stukes is well-versed in the entertainment industry, having featured in several films, TV series, and advertisements lately. In 2021, he and his spouse triumphed in "The Cube," securing a lucrative cash prize of $50,000. Stukes' previous appearances on reality television and basketball-playing background could potentially favor him in "Squid Game: The Challenge", where he emerged as contestant 182 during episode 3's "Warships" game. Additionally, he captained one of the teams.