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Life at Sea Cruises Cancels Three-Year Inaugural Cruise, Leaving Passengers Out of Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars

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Life at Sea Cruises has cancelled its three-year inaugural cruise, causing passengers to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars. The cruise was initially planned to leave Istanbul on November 1st. However, it was postponed twice and moved to Amsterdam before ultimately being cancelled on November 17th. Passengers were not informed of the cancellation until they had already arrived in Istanbul on November 11th, intending to board the ship.

Life at Sea Cruises attributed the cancelation of the round-the-world voyage to "investor withdrawal," which presented "challenges" to the project. As a result, passengers are now out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some having sold or rented their homes in anticipation of the trip. Life at Sea Cruises has vowed to refund passengers, though the process will take several months.

Three-Year Around-the-World Cruise by Life at Sea Cruises Canceled

Life at Sea Cruises has cancelled its highly anticipated three-year around-the-world cruise, causing disappointment and travel difficulties for those who had booked the voyage. The cancellation resulted from a number of delays and logistical challenges, including the inability to acquire a ship for the voyage. The cruise, originally scheduled to depart from Istanbul, Turkey, and visit 382 ports in 140 countries over the course of three years, had been planned to begin on November 30, 2023. However, passengers experienced weeks of silence from the company and at least two delays prior to the announcement of the cancellation.

The cancellation has put passengers in a tough spot. Some had already sold or rented out their homes for the trip and more than 100 cabins were sold in advance. Now, finding alternative accommodations has become a challenge. The company has pledged to make amends, but the payments will be made in monthly installments, causing distress among those affected. Life at Sea Cruises cited challenges stemming from investor withdrawals as one of the reasons for cancellation.

The cruise was originally planned to leave from Istanbul and later from Amsterdam. However, due to multiple delays and changes, it was eventually cancelled. The company had promised passengers a refurbished ship with exceptional amenities such as a business center, a library, a 24-hour on-call medical center that provided free medical visits, and adult education classes. Regrettably, due to the unavailability of a ship for the voyage, the company did not fulfill these commitments.

Life at Sea Cruises and its parent company, Miray Cruises, have not provided any precise information regarding the reimbursement procedure. Nonetheless, they have recognized the difficulties and have pledged to return the money to the impacted passengers. Unfortunately, the refund process is estimated to take several months, which is exacerbating the passengers' anger since they have invested a considerable amount of money in the voyage.

The cancellation of the planned three-year cruise has caused significant upset and disappointment among many passengers who had anticipated an unforgettable experience. The company's failure to live up to its commitments has caused financial and emotional distress for those involved. This situation has prompted concerns regarding the transparency and accountability of cruise operators, emphasizing the importance of improved consumer protection measures in the travel industry.