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SMU Quarterback Preston Stone Injured in Dominant Win Over Navy

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SMU's triumph over Navy on Saturday was overshadowed by a noteworthy injury to their initial quarterback, Preston Stone. The Mustangs achieved a commanding 59-14 victory, but the game turned somber when Stone sustained an injury to his left leg during the latter half of the first period. Stone's remarkable exhibition prior to the injury, in which he succeeded in 14 of 19 passes for 322 yards and three touchdown passes, accentuated his crucial function in the game. The injury has sparked apprehensions regarding Stone's participation in the upcoming American Athletic Conference championship game against Tulane ranked No. 23.

Stone's exit from the game due to the injury has raised doubts about his involvement in the championship game. According to the report, the severity of the injury will determine whether Stone can make the critical matchup against Tulane. The SMU team and its fans are in a state of uncertainty as they await further updates on Stone's condition.

The injury happened as Stone was awkwardly tackled, causing him to be taken out of the game and raising concerns about the potential impact on SMU's performance in the upcoming championship. The report specifically notes the impressive performance delivered by Stone prior to the injury, highlighting his instrumental role in enabling the Mustangs to enjoy a commanding lead over Navy.

The victory of SMU over Navy has now secured their spot in the American Athletic Conference championship game. However, Stone's injury has become a concern for the team as they prepare to face Tulane in the upcoming championship game. The report offers insights into how Stone's absence may impact the team's strategy and the contingency plans in place to address his absence.

The injury to Preston Stone has not only affected SMU's recent victory but has also raised questions about the team's prospects in the championship game. As the SMU community awaits updates on Stone's condition, the focus is on his recovery and the team's preparations for the important game against Tulane.