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"Rumah Malaikat": A Haunted School Tale

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Billy Christian directed "Rumah Malaikat," a 2016 Indonesian horror movie. Mentari De Marelle plays Alexandra, a student who fills in for a teacher at an orphanage named House Angels. Alexandra takes over for Irma, who had to leave the position for unknown reasons. The movie centers around Alexandra's encounters at the orphanage, which is thought to be inhabited by ghosts.

These are some facts regarding "Rumah Malaikat":

List of actors:

  • Mentari De Marelle played Alexandra
  • Agung Saga played Budi
  • Rowiena Umboh portrays Sister Maria.
  • Dayu Wijanto plays the role of Sister Clara.


  • Billy Christian

Additional Components:

  • The film "Rumah Malaikat" is based on Dewi Lestari's short story called "Malaikat Juga Tahu".
  • The film was premiered in Indonesia in 2016.
  • As seen in the movie trailer, it includes jump scares and other horror elements.

To conclude, "Rumah Malaikat" is a horror film narrating a substitute teacher's encounters at a possessed orphanage. Mentari De Marelle stars in the lead role of the film which is directed by Billy Christian. Horror buffs may find it worthwhile to watch "Rumah Malaikat".