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"Serangan Fajar": A War Film Depicting Indonesia's Struggle for Independence

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The 1983 Indonesian war movie "Serangan Fajar" covers the country's war of independence from 1945 to 1949. Arifin C. Noer directed the film, which tells the story of an Indonesian soldier group that attacks a Dutch military base at dawn in an attempt to gain control of the area and encourage others to join the independence movement.

The key elements of the movie are:


  • Captain Sudarto is played by Slamet Rahardjo.
  • Deddy Sutomo served as Lieutenant Soeharto.
  • W.D. Mochtar was Lieutenant Soedirman.
  • S. Parya was Lieutenant Suharto.
  • Rukman Herman was Lieutenant Sutrisno.
  • Dicky Zulkarnaen played the role of Lieutenant Soekarno.
  • Yati Octavia played the role of Siti.
  • Christine Hakim played the role of Kartini.

Directed by:

  • Arifin C. Noer


The film's timeline is set during the Indonesian War of Independence, which occurred from 1945 to 1949. The plot follows a group of Indonesian soldiers who plan and carry out a sudden attack on a Dutch military base at dawn with the aim of taking control of the area and encouraging others to join the independence movement. The film illustrates the bravery and determination of Indonesian soldiers as they confront great obstacles and fight for their country's freedom.

Other Film Details:

  • Category: War movie
  • Release year: 1983
  • Spoken in: Indonesian language
  • The movie runs for 120 minutes.
  • Box office earnings are not available. There's no information available.

"Serangan Fajar" is one of the Indonesian movies that depict the country's fight for independence. The movie attests to the courage and determination of Indonesian people during their battle for freedom against colonial domination. It is essential for those intrigued by the Indonesia's history and its quest for independence.