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"SLEEP CALL": A Thriller Film That Explores Mental Health

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Directed by Fajar Nugros, "SLEEP CALL" is a 2023 Indonesian thriller film that delves into the topic of mental health. Laura Basuki stars in the movie playing a pivotal role that has caught the attention of the viewers. Here are some details about the film:

Cast members:

  • Laura Basuki
  • Chicco Jerikho is an accomplished actor in Indonesian cinema.
  • Rio Dewanto is considered one of the most versatile actors in Indonesia.
  • Marsha Timothy is an Indonesian actress known for her powerful performances on screen.
  • Wulan Guritno is a prominent actress, model, and television presenter in Indonesia.
  • Joko Anwar is an acclaimed Indonesian film director, producer, and screenwriter.


  • Fajar Nugros


The film narrates the story of a woman, Nadya (portrayed by Laura Basuki), who is grappling with mental health problems. She is a prosperous businesswoman who has a past marked by depression and anxiety. One day, Nadya receives a mysterious phone call from an unknown person who claims to know her most intimate secrets, revealing a potential threat to her personal safety. The caller threatens to reveal Nadya's secrets to the world if she fails to comply with their instructions, adding a sense of urgency and danger to the situation. Nadya is coerced to engage in a perilous game of wits in the attempt to uncover the anonymous caller's true identity without disclosing her secrets.

Additional Elements:

  • Type: Thriller Film
  • Release Date October 12th, 2023
  • Language Indonesian Language
  • Duration: Not specified

In general, "SLEEP CALL" is an intriguing and unique movie that explores mental health issues in an exciting manner. The film has received a lot of attention from audiences, and its release is eagerly anticipated by fans.