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"Suzzanna: Malam Jumat Kliwon" - A Horror Movie with a Vengeful Ghost

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Directed by Guntur Soeharjanto, "Suzzanna: Malam Jumat Kliwon" is a 2023 Indonesian horror film. Featuring Luna Maya, Achmad Megantara, Tio Pakusadewo, and Sally Marcellina, the film includes an ensemble cast. Here are some details about the film:


  • The movie follows the plot of Suzzanna, who died a tragic death after being bewitched on her wedding day. To pay off her parents' debts to the tycoon, her husband Raden Aryo remarries. Nevertheless, Suzzanna comes back to life as a merciless being of revenge named 'Sundel Bolong', known for her cruelty and sadism.
  • With the help of Surya, Suzzanna seeks revenge on those who have wronged her during her lifetime.

Additional Movie Elements:

  • Genre: Horror, Drama, and Fantasy.
  • The movie's release date is: It is scheduled to release on Thursday, August 3, 2023.
  • The movie's runtime is 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Regarding the reception of the movie:

  • No reviews or ratings are available for the movie as of August 17, 2023.

The movie "Suzzanna: Malam Jumat Kliwon" is a chilling horror film featuring a vengeful ghost seeking revenge. Those who enjoy horror movies and Indonesian cinema should make sure to watch it.