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The Collective: An Action-Packed Thriller with an All-Star Cast

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The film The Collective, a 2023 action-thriller, is directed by Tom DeNucci. The movie showcases an all-star cast, which includes Lucas Till, Ruby Rose, Tyrese Gibson, and Don Johnson. The plot of the movie revolves around a group of righteous assassins, named The Collective, who aim to take down a highly sophisticated human trafficking ring that is backed by a network of untouchable billionaires.

The storyline of the movie is as follows:

At the beginning of the movie, Miro Lindell, the villain of the movie, has kidnapped an analyst named Neely. Neely holds significance for an undisclosed organization, and The Collective has been assigned the responsibility of saving her and dismantling the human trafficking syndicate. As The Collective find themselves cornered, they have no alternative except to entrust their crucial operation to the novice assassin, Sam Alexander (Till). Despite his inexperience, he compensates with resourcefulness, determination, and exceptional improvisational skills in the direst of circumstances.


  • Lucas Till as Sam Alexander
  • The character Harper will be portrayed by Ruby Rose.
  • Tyrese Gibson will play Marcus's character.
  • The character named The Mentor will be played by Don Johnson.

Other relevant elements of the movie are:

  • The movie is set to be released in 2023.
  • Director: Tom DeNucci
  • Production Company: Yale Entertainment
  • Distributor: Quiver Distribution.
  • Genre: This movie is classified as an action-thriller.
  • Rating: This movie has not yet been rated.

Viewing Options:

The movie 'The Collective' is scheduled for release in 2023, and Quiver Distribution has obtained distribution rights for the North American region. Currently, there isn't any information on the available streaming or rental platforms for the movie. Nonetheless, information confirms that the movie will most likely be screened in theaters before it becomes available for streaming or rental.